Gay Chat Roulette News

Sept 14, 2010
We're rocking steady at about 30 to 60 users online most of the time now, and things are getting way hotter...

Biggest fix is in the waiting queue algorythm that I've just rewritten so it will keep you from reconnecting to the same person twice in a row, which was happening because you'd both end your chat at the same time and end up in the waiting queue side by side... All good now!

Also, now that there's new users hanging out I've been able to debug and fix some of the audio problems (volume and muting) that weren't apparent previously. Fixed the text chat bug for users who got reconnected.
Sept 6, 2010
Seems like most of the debugging has been completed, and I added a few more features (partner typing indicator, inappropriate report button) that should make it a little better for users... Started posting links to the site today, so hopefully that will bring in some more users!
Sept 3, 2010
Fixed the connection through firewall problem
Sept 1, 2010
With the recent shutdown (and weirdness) of ChatRoulette I was looking for a site to chat with gay guys and hot dudes who are just looking for fun. I challenged myself to write a clone of ChatRoulette with a few changes that streamlined what I was looking for and sped up a few features, and have now completed it and launched this site on Sept 1, 2010... Hopefully some users will come along shortly so I can keep debugging and adding more features to the site!